• About Us, Mission & Vision


    About Us:

    Bangladesh Mariners’ Society is a Non-Political, Profitable Social welfare organization, dedicated to the Development and Welfare of Seafarers, involve in various Marine profession, be it Merchant Marine, Ship-owners, Ship-yard owners, Ship-breakers, Marine Fishing, Offshore Personnel or Marine protection e.g. Naval or Coastguard Personnel.

    So far there was No such organization based in capital unless some scattered ones. Therefore “A Pier” was required to tie up all “The White Ambassadors” in a unified platform.

    Bangladesh Mariners’ Society invites Seafarers from all the backgrounds to raise their voice, can have their say and share their views without any hesitation yet from a Single Home Port.

    Is To Build a “Safe, Sound, yet Robust and sustainable Single Pier" with all the Bangladeshi Marine Professionals to deliver “Top-quality Solutions” in various need. 
    Bangladesh  Mariner’s Society is eager to Co-operate, Co-ordinate, assist with others in relevant fields should it deems necessary to pursue better solutions in some specific cases.
    Stand aside and be the Responsible Partner for Bangladeshi Global Marine personnel in various need.